Modern Designer Ceiling Fans Melbourne
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Modern Designer Ceiling Fans Melbourne – Box Fan, Wall Mounted, Pedestal, Design, Weatherproof Outdoor Steel Designs, Traditional, Reversible, Lighting, Frankston, Geelong, Fitzroy, St Kilda, Mornington, Collingwood, Brunswick, Essendon

Go Lights Designer Lighting knows that there is more to a home than just its lights; a common feature in any home, keeping you cool in summer are ceiling fans. With premier modern designer ceiling fans you can keep cool in style. A ceiling fan can even be a focal point of a room. With a wide array of fan designs, all at affordable prices, browse our full range online now. Be inspired by the latest trends in fan design. Phone us on: (02) 9011 7903 and talk to an expert to find out what fan is best for your needs. You can even arrange a customised quotation on large orders.
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 Modern Designer Ceiling Fans Melbourne Fitzroy, Carlton, Brunswick, Mornington, Geelong
Designer Ceiling Fans Melbourne

Modern Designer Ceiling Fans Melbourne | Fan Design

Ceiling Fans in Melbourne | Modern Designer

A ceiling fan can be an integral element in the design of any contemporary and modern home, as it serves both from and function. Looking aesthetically pleasing a ceiling fan will keep you cool in summer (and when reversed, warm in winter). With the great fans on offer from Designer Lighting Melbourne you can unleash your interior designer eye. Rest assured that we will have a fan to inspire, with an intricate range of contemporary and traditional fans that are both aesthetically pleasing switched on and off. Get amongst the creativity of Melbourne, check out our great range of innovative ceiling, box and wall mounted fan designs; whatever your needs, there’s a fan that’s sure to please.

Designer Ceiling Fan Design Melbourne Fitzroy, South Yarra, Melbourne, Brunswick Manningham, Bundoora

Ceiling Fan Design Melbourne

Pedestal, Box & Wall Mounted Designs Frankston

The Right Fan for You |
Pedestal, Box & Wall Mounted Designs

If you are looking at keep cool in summer and warm in winter that Designer Lighting Melbourne has a wide range of pedestal, box and wall mounted fans to suit. Established with an eye for design, we know that a fan is an affordable way to cool the home. Catering to people of varying aesthetic desires, feel welcome to contact us today to arrange a tailored quotation on bulk orders. We have a list of recommended installers that may help. Call: (02) 9011 7903. Whether you live in Fitzroy, Geelong, Mornington, or throughout Melbourne; whatever your requirements rest assured that we have a pedestal, box or wall mounted fan sure to satisfy your needs. With design abound in Melbourne, Designer Lighting Melbourne has one of the largest ranges of fans on the market. View our online catalog now.

 Pedestal, Box & Wall Mounted Fans in Melbourne Fitzroy, Geelong, Brunswick, St Kilda

Pedestal, Box & Wall Mounted Fans Melbourne

Outdoor Steel Fan | Weatherproof Fans for the Outdoors

Weatherproof Fans for the Outdoors | Outdoor Fan

Fans are not just for the indoors. Fans can make the perfect addition to a courtyard of backyard patio if you are looking to keep cool in those summer months. We have a wide range of outdoor steel fans that make the perfect addition to any outdoor entertaining area. Fully weatherproof, these fans will be sure to stand the test of time. Impress with Designer Lighting Melbourne’s range of weatherproof outdoor fans and turn your backyard into a true entertaining area year round. With highly power efficient fans on sale, keep design levels up whilst keeping your energy bills low. Get prepared for summer, find a fan – browse our online catalog and search for outdoor weatherproof fans.

Looking for a Traditional or Reversible Fan in Melbourne?

Find a reversible or traditional fan in your area

Designer Lighting Melbourne prides itself on being a premiere provider of the latest and greatest designer fans in Melbourne including box, wall mounted, reversible, and of course traditional ceiling fans. With a wide range of fans on offer online, browse our full inventory of innovative designs. Head on over to our online catalog. Call us for a list of recommended installers on (02) 9011 7903. Enquire now.

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