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Looking to renovate your home or property – designer lighting is the affordable way to maximise the full potential of any room. Go Lights Designer Lighting offers great options when it comes to home renovations, with designer lamps, pendants and shades for all situations. With one of the largest ranges of designer lighting in Melbourne, give your home renovations that finishing touch all great homes need. Now is the perfect time to add to your home extension or renovation, browse our online store and be inspired by the latest in home lighting design. Call us on: (02) 9011 7903 and talk to a lighting expert – find out how you can maximise any room.
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Home Renovations & Property Extensions
Designer Lighting Melbourne

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Designer Lighting Melbourne

Designer Lighting | the perfect accompaniment for home renovations & extensions

Renovating a home is a great joy - changing your home to the way you want it is something we all dream of, and with Designer Lighting Melbourne you can add the finishing touch to any room. As most interior designers will tell you, lighting is crucial to any home renovation or property extension as it enables you to add warmth and character – it enables you to set the mood. Lighting is an integral part of the designing process. You can turn a dim-lit room into a place where you feel at home. Go Lights Designer Lighting provides you with all your lighting needs for your home renovation or extension with over 800 designer pendants, lamps and shades available. We also have a range of designer ceiling fans that will keep you cooler in the summer months. Be inspired, when undertaking the arduous task of a home renovation, lighting doesn’t have to be a chore, simply browse our vast collection of great designer lamps shades and pendants. Lighting can add to any aspect of your home, from your kitchen to your bathroom, adding elegance to the room. Add to your home renovations with designer lighting, check out the great range online today.

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Renovation & Extension Design Ideas

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Renovation & Extension Design Ideas

If you’re thinking of undertaking a home renovation or extension then Designer Lighting Melbourne has a range of stylish lamps, pendants and shades is a great place to start. Ensure you design your new room correctly, with great lighting design available to suit a myriad array of aesthetic tastes. Designer lighting Melbourne caters for people for all walks of life, providing newly renovated home with that something extra. Don’t let your room fall short after all that hard effort that you’ve put in, get an expert consultation from our design team who will help you in your decision to choose the right lights that will bring out the best in your home. Phone (02) 9011 7903. Whether you live in Doncaster, Donvale, Blackburn, Mont Albert or anywhere throughout Melbourne, be assured that your home renovations will be finished with an expert touch from our designer lighting team.

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Lamps, Shades and Pendants

Melbourne is the design capital of Australia with many adding home extensions or renovation their homes to improve design and sale value. Designer Lighting Melbourne has a range of designer lamps, shades and pendants – potential focal points of your new home renovation or property extension. With so much on offer, you can be sure you’ll find the right designer light for you home renovation or property extension. Talk to a lighting design specialist today and find out how you’re newly renovated home can be transformed. Phone: (02) 9011 7903

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Designer Lighting Melbourne prides itself on providing one of the largest designer lighting collections that can transform your newly renovated home or property. With a range of lighting design solutions on offer and all available online, browse our inventory of innovative designs. Head to our online catalog: you may even like to apply for deals on large purchases by calling (02) 9011 7903. Enquire now.

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