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The lighting in your bathroom is so often left till last or simply overlooked when renovating a home, however, bathroom lighting serves both form and function, integral to any great home and often a selling point at auction. Heat lamps are a simple yet effective means to keep your bathroom aglow and warm, especially in winter. We even have heat lamp and exhaust fan combinations in a variety of styles. It is not too late to find the heat lamp, exhaust fan or vanity light to keep your bathroom looking good and functional. Phone: (02) 9011 7903 to arrange a customised quotation on bulk purchases or large orders.
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 Bathroom Heat Lamps, Lights, Exhaust Fans Melbourne Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick
Designer Bathroom Lighting Melbourne

Bathroom Lighting Melbourne | Designer Lights

Heat Lamps, Vanity Lights, Wall Lamp and More

A passing amble through the boutique-lined streets and boulevards of Melbourne, such as Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton and their surrounds reveals the vast array of designer bathroom lighting and Melbourne has to offer. Choose a contemporary vanity light for your bathroom that best suits the aesthetics of the room and your personal tastes. When it comes to heat lamps and exhaust fans we only the stock Melbourne’s most enthralling designs, eloquently simplifying ease of form and function. Get amongst the creative innovation of Melbourne, check out its great range of innovative bathroom lighting and designer lights; whatever your priorities, there’s a designer that is sure to please. At Go Lights Designer Lighting Melbourne we recommend that you choice the bathroom light that suits both practical function and of course, aesthetics.

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Heat Lamps & Vanity Lights in Melbourne

Vanity Lights, Heat Lamps | Fitzroy & Collingwood

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If you are looking at undertaking a bathroom renovation, extension or overhaul then look no further than Go Lights Designer Lighting Melbourne and our range of bathroom lights. Established with an eye for pioneering design in Melbourne, we know that design should not come at a burdening cost to the retail buyer. This is why, here at Designer Lighting Melbourne, we also stock the latest in replica designer bathroom lighting. Providing to an audience of numerous requirements and aesthetic wishes, feel welcome to get in touch with us today to arrange a tailored quotation on bulk orders or mass purchase or expert consultation. Phone: (02) 9011 7903 and ask one of our team members for an exclusive deal on your upcoming commercial or large project fit-out. Whether you live in Fitzroy, Carlton, Collingwood or throughout Melbourne; whatever your needs rest easy as that there’s a designer bathroom light, heat lamp or exhaust fan sure to satisfy. With designs abound to provide for Melbourne, a cultural hub, Designer Lighting Melbourne has one of the widest ranges of unique bathroom lighting on the market.

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Exhaust Fan + Bathroom Heater Combination

Bathroom Heating | Bath Heater Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy

Who said that heat lamps and exhaust fans had to be ugly? With the impressive range of bath heater and exhaust fan combinations on offer from Designer Lighting Melbourne, keep any bathroom warm on those colder mornings and evenings. With highly efficient power output, keep comfort levels up whilst keeping your energy bills low. Exhaust fan and heat lamp combinations also maximise the space within your bathroom. It’s not too late to find the perfect heat lamp and exhaust fan combination to release the full potential of any bathroom.

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Designer Lighting Melbourne is the premiere provider of designer bathroom lighting including heat lamps, vanity lights and bath exhaust fans. With a variety of lights and fans available online, be sure to browse our inventory of innovative designs of some of Melbourne’s foremost designers. Head on over to our online store; you can even apply for exclusive deals on mass purchases by phoning (02) 9011 7903. Enquire now.

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